Project Byzantium Aims to Avoid Internet Outages

At Washington, DC's hackerspace, HacDC, a team led by the enigmatic "Doctor" seeks to develop a simple system for quickly deploying an ad-hoc internet in the event of internet outages. With all of the recent disasters (both natural and human) which have severed access to the net when it is... Read more »

Conway’s Game of Life Watch

Trammell Hudson of NYC Resistor designed an interface a day for his hackable inPulse watch. He has a lot of great ones but I really like his Conway’s Game of Life interface from Day 24. Today I had to work late, so the watch is not really finished. It borrows... Read more »

30 Days of inPulse Faces

NYC Resistor’s Trammell Hudson is designing an inPulse interface a day for 30 days. Inspired by Ranjit’s instrument-a-day, I’m writing a new wrist watch face every day for my programmable inPulse watch. The full sources are posted online for others to build on. Day 1 was a fixed point 3D... Read more »

Waffles + chicklets = QR code

Big Apple hackerspace NYC Resistor recently held an edible QR code competition, including a laser-etched tortilla, waffles with chicklets and chocolate chips, and jello-cube creations. Trammell Hudson’s Flickr set of the event tells the story. Neat hackerspace event idea! Read more »