Teardown of Google Glass

A beautifully presented and detailed teardown of Project Glass by Scott Torborg and Star Simpson. With no idea what lay ahead they took apart, and then put back together, their Glass Explorer Edition. Read more »

How-To: Homemade Astronaut Ice Cream

Inspired by Chris Gammell’s post about “trickle down techonomy,” Ben Krasnow posted this how-to video on making your own Astronaut Ice Cream. He used a vacuum pump, dry ice, and various hoses and fittings to freeze dry ice cream that can be easily enjoyed any time you’re out in space... Read more »

Homemade Silica Aerogel

Aerogels are fascinating materials, with lots of interesting and, frankly, amazing properties, but they are not easy to make. These days, industrial manufacture with an eye towards commercial applications, primarily as thermal insulators, is bringing the price down some, at least for granules, but larger pieces still cost around $50... Read more »

How-To: Get a Liquid Lens Module to Play With

A liquid lens is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The really cool thing about them is that, though they have no moving parts (unless you count the liquid itself), they can achieve a pretty wide range of dynamically-variable focal lengths over a relatively short optical path. When I... Read more »