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Gregory Charvat’s Radar Dissertation Now Online


Greg Charvat earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2007, and his dissertation described a low-power radar imaging system (PDF download). Now Dr. Charvat has made his dissertation available for anyone to download. This system uses the combination of a spatially diverse antenna array, a high sensitivity range-gated frequency-modulated continuous... Read more »

Coffee Can Doppler Radar Set

Greg Charvat coffee can doppler system in the field

Radio hacker extraordinaire Greg Charvat is back with this 15-minute video lecture showing off and explaining the measurement of moving objects’ velocities using the low-cost coffee can radar system he and co-workers at MIT developed, in the fall of 2010, for their open courseware initiative. The video begins with a... Read more »

Coffee can radar

Whats more hardcore than making your own synthetic aperture radar system? How about teaching a class how to build their own using some breadboardable electronics, empty coffee cans, and a spare laptop? That’s exactly what radio whiz Greg Charvat did this semester at MIT, and you can see some of... Read more »

Radar & microwave workshop

Greg Charvat, a researcher at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, wrote in to share his old workshop, the Rad Lab: This workshop is full of microwave test gear, analog test gear, new stock components, data books, sorted parts, etc. It also has a complete machine shop with a Bridgeport vertical mill, a... Read more »