Gregory Charvat’s Radar Dissertation Now Online

Greg Charvat earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2007, and his dissertation described a low-power radar imaging system (PDF download). Now Dr. Charvat has made his dissertation available for anyone to download. This system uses the combination of a spatially diverse antenna array, a high sensitivity range-gated frequency-modulated continuous... Read more »

Radar Gun Connected to Stereo System

In this off-the-cuff video, MIT prof and MAKE pal Gregory Charvat shoots Nerf darts into the beam of an old X-band Doppler radar gun with its output hacked into a linear power supply, a preamp, and finally into Greg's living room stereo system. The signal sounds like a cartoon sound... Read more »

Coffee Can Doppler Radar Set

Radio hacker extraordinaire Greg Charvat is back with this 15-minute video lecture showing off and explaining the measurement of moving objects’ velocities using the low-cost coffee can radar system he and co-workers at MIT developed, in the fall of 2010, for their open courseware initiative. The video begins with a... Read more »

How-To: Coffee Can Radar

The MIT Open Courseware (OCW) radar materials from Dr. Gregory L. Charvat (and peers) that Matt blogged about back in February have just been released! This is hands-on education that my father, for one, spent a few years of his life (and no small amount of money) to acquire at... Read more »

Coffee can radar

Whats more hardcore than making your own synthetic aperture radar system? How about teaching a class how to build their own using some breadboardable electronics, empty coffee cans, and a spare laptop? That’s exactly what radio whiz Greg Charvat did this semester at MIT, and you can see some of... Read more »