Radar & microwave workshop

Greg Charvat, a researcher at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, wrote in to share his old workshop, the Rad Lab: This workshop is full of microwave test gear, analog test gear, new stock components, data books, sorted parts, etc. It also has a complete machine shop with a Bridgeport vertical mill, a... Read more »

Lindy bomb in style with restored radio

Radio hacker and swing dancer Greg Charvot is at it again with his latest restoration, the Retro Boom Box. His local swing group was in need of a portable radio to use for impromptu Lindy Hopping, so he outfitted a 1940's radio with modern batteries that they could use while... Read more »

Bringing a ’20s radio back to life

Got an old radio from the '20s, and want to bring it back to life? Well, the quickest way is probably be to remove all those dusty components and use the cabinet to hide a new stereo. That's not what radio hacker Greg Charvat had in mind for his, though. Read more »