A word with Joey Hudy at Maker Faire Paris

  In a very quick but interesting interview, Joey confessed to us some facts behind his first invention and exciting news about his upcoming projects. Joey the youngest Intel employee told us that out of boredom, he first designed an air-canon with a ball-pen. He was coming back from school, when he thought  “why... Read more »

Maker Ed: Making Possibilities for Educators

The Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) welcomed more than 100 educators to our first Making Possibilities Workshop, held Thursday, May 15 at Intel’s Santa Clara, Calif. Global Headquarters. In the spirit of making, we began the day with a full hour of tinkering and play. Attendees customized their badges, built... Read more »

Build the 3x3x3 LED Cube Arduino Shield

Build a 3x3x3 LED Arduino Shield! Designed by young maker Joey Hudy, this simple kit from the Maker Shed will not only guide you through the build of an exciting shield for your Arduino, but can help you learn the basics of programming different patterns as well. Read more »

Joey Hudy Goes to Washington

You can’t help yourself when you see an air cannon. You have to ask for a demonstration. “Let’s try it,” said President Obama, wanting to see Joey Hudy’s “Extreme Marshmallow Shooter” in action. Later, he added: “The Secret Service won’t like this.” After getting the President to help pump it... Read more »