Copy Carving a Rotary Dial Telephone

Matthias Wandel of wrote in to share his Copy Carver project, with which he carved a telephone: So far I had just copied a wrench with my copy carver, so I was looking for a more complex object to try. I had recently acquired a rotary dial phone, just... Read more »

Matthias Wandel’s Carving Machine

Matthias Wandel's may be my favorite personal maker website. It's clean, well organized, packed with resources, and every click brings new inspiration. I can get stuck there for hours, so be careful when you click through. This time it's Matthias's homemade 3D pantograph carving machine / pattern duplicator that... Read more »

Lovely handmade wooden door latches

Matthias Wandel writes: My dad originally started making wooden door latches for the cottages he built at Amogla camp. Conventionally available doorknobs and strike plates don't allow for a lot of latitude in terms of dealing with shifts in the buildings from frost heaving. That, and the available door hardware... Read more »

Screw advance box joint jig

Which is a mouthful, but it makes sense if you think about it — a jig for a table saw that helps you make box joints with the help of a threaded rod controlled by a wooden gearbox. The maker, Joe Beuckman, began with a box joint jig from Read more »

Modular marble run with marble pump

Matthias Wandel, whose Marble Adding Machine was featured in MAKE: Volume 20 and whose homemade bandsaw appeared on Make: Online last month, is up to his usual shenanigans with a modular marble run featuring an excellent marble pump. Interested in building your own? Wandel is selling the plans for fourteen... Read more »