How-To: Compressed Air Foam Systems

MAKE regular Mike Pantrey, aka Mrsuperpants, returns with this cool page about building on-the-cheap DIY versions of the commercial systems used to make foam and/or “snow” for video, photo, and event special effects. He describes three iterations of his homemade CAFS and a method for making colored foam. [Thanks, Mike!] Read more »

Reader-built laminar water jet

Mike Pantrey, aka Flickr user Mrsuperpants, saw Phil's post on Friday about Dave's homemade laminar water jet and "in two evenings of tinkering in the garage, and some time reading up the background over a couple of lunchtimes" produced his own version, shown here. Construction details are available on Mike's... Read more »

DIY gameshow buzzers ftw!

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Mike, aka Mrsuperpants, built this quiz buzzer system to use at a friend’s annual BBQ shindig. Built mostly from extra/scavenged parts, the setup sports light/sound indicators and some “sparkly holographic covering material” – sure to be a party favorite. – Quiz system – Quiz... Read more »

DIY Jet engine mirror

Ah yah, this the type of mirror any respectable Maker home needs to do up, MrSuperPants writes – “Bathroom mirror made from a scrap stator ring from a jet engine. Ring is un-modified other than being laquered. Mirror is a standard plain round mirror from homebase which handily is just... Read more »

Ejector seat

Mrsuperpants made a nice chair for his home, from an ejector seat – “Ejector seat from a Jaguar aircraft bought off ebay about 18 months ago as a shell. Cleaned it up and laquered it to preserve the used look. Welded up a frame from scrap square tube to hang... Read more »