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The Aluminum Velociraptor


I'm not an expert on dinosaurs, but the velociraptor is one of the more respected of their ilk (so I am told) and you really do have to respect such a clever girl properly, so I grabbed this velociraptor silhouette from OpenClipArt knowing that I'd find a use for it... Read more »

Laser Kaleidoscope


Pete Prodoehl’s Laser Keleidoscope is simple-seeming and elegant project he built for a gallery event. I love the 3D-printed knobs, motor holders, and mirror holders! When I was at Maker Faire Detroit back in July I saw this laser spinner thingy called “The Interociter” and decided I had to have... Read more »

Following the Ten Rules for Maker Businesses


Pete Prodoehl of Milwaukee, WI, who runs a web development company, is branching out into the DIY biz by selling his Button kit, which creates a one-button keyboard used for, among other things, triggering photobooths. Along the way he’s blogging his experiences following Chris Anderson’s Ten Rules for Maker Businesses:... Read more »