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I [heart] The Art of Tinkering

The Art of Tinkering hacked book

We at MAKE love The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, so when we heard that its directors, Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich, were going to capture their community of artists and engineers ("Tinkerers") into the pages of a book called The Art of Tinkering, we couldn't wait... Read more »

Playable 8 Bit Violin

Ranjit Bhatnagar built this playable 8 bit violin as part of his Instrument-A-Day project this month. I was hoping it would only play square waves at discrete frequencies, however it actually sounds really pretty when played as a normal violin. More: Make: Online » Repair an Old Piano by Making... Read more »

Repair an Old Piano by Making DIY Hammers

Prolific sound hacker Ranjit Bhatnagar designed these replacement hammers for a discarded piano that made it’s way up to NYC Resistor. Pianos have always seemed like mystical creations to me, so I really appreciated the demonstration that you can just make new parts for them! The design template and instructions... Read more »

Roundrect Ocarina

Ranjit Bhatnagar whipped up this laser cut ocarina, and provides the plans so you can make your own. Not sure how to get started? Ranjit’s running a laser whistle workshop Saturday 2/12/11 at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn. Read more »


Ranjit Bhatnagar writes: For all four years of the instrument-a-day project, my noisy refrigerator has plagued me: I have to unplug it whenever I record a new instrument at home. Well, today I exploited it. Materials: refrigerator noise, filtered by resonant tin cans. Read more »