Everyone’s the DJ with Autonomous Interactive Radio

Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre, the duo behind Double One Design, created Autonomous Interactive Radio (AIR for short). It’s a Raspberry Pi-based DJ system which accepts MP3 files via email and enqueues them to be played out through the audio output. The project was their work for Interactivos, a ten... Read more »

Construction Warning Lights Hacked into Flowers

My friend Sean McIntyre and his collaborator Reid Bingham created Public Constructions, a light installation that borrows its aesthetic from construction barricades and warning lights. The tech behind it is pretty cool, too. “The 10 foot tall glowing flowers in the installation were made from 64 hacked traffic barricade lights,”... Read more »

Rainbow Tracer: Photographing Rainbows at Night

Bring to Light took place last weekend as New York’s incarnation of Nuit Blanche, an international night time arts festival. The Bring to Light organizers invited artists to make site specific installations of light, sound, performance, and projection art in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Among the artists were Sean... Read more »