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  • ECA

    I love this comment..
    But wouldnt that make a great Bong/bubbler..
    this could keep a Toker amazed for hours..

  • jefro

    I would absolutely renew my subscription today if there were an article on how anyone makes things like that triple klein bottle. (Granted, I plan to renew anyway, but still)

  • avidan

    im a maker / arduino / raspi junkie, and also an off-hand glassblower. at first, you would think these things have nearly nothing in common. however, most glassblowers who do not operate a professional large scale glass studio (or rent from someone who does) are often left to build their own studio equipment. the amazing maker styled technology going into these pieces of equipment should make for a great article. beyond the PID controllers (i bought an osPID just to use it for a furnace) there are “electronic eyes” that can sense flames to keep gas safely on/off, as well as flow and power metering. i would love to see an article about what we call the studio “tech”. its usually the guy or gal people around here would call the “maker”.
    or you would of course do something on corning. amazing history. awesome products that we all use now. (fiber optic, cookware, gorilla, etc)

  • beak90

    This video is really incredible. It shows a bunch of very unconventional glass blowing techniques. Very artistic.

  • beak90

    Oops forgot the link:

  • Heph

    Ummm the paper month link is broken. It should look like this:

    • Sean Ragan


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