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Snowboard Wheels aim to get Riders Across the Flats for lots of photos

Going downhill on a snowboard is fun. Traversing flat sections not so much. Maker and Google developer Matt Gardner thinks he may have solved that problem with his retractable, motor-driven wheeled device. Read more »

Laser-Cut Cardboard Macbook Air Stand


This project is a remix of Andrew Sleigh’s laser-cut Laptop Stand for Macbook Air. I left out the top plate and replaced it with another crossbar in order to reduce material. Now it fits on a single 384x384mm board and costs only about 9 Euros ($12). I have one in... Read more »

Two-Part Magnetic Stapler

Two Part Magnetic Stapler

This project shows how you can mod a stapler so you can separate the two halves and use magnets to align them on opposite sides of the paper. This lets you get around the normal limitations of only being able to staple 3.5 inches into the paper. [YouTube=""] Instructable here.... Read more »

How to Build a Castle for $25

Tyler builds a Castle Ruin Set Extension from Foam Board.

Tyler shows you how to build a miniature medieval castle piece, for pleasure, gaming, set extensions, and more! Materials Needed: Foam Board – 8′ x 4′ @ 1″ thick – $15 at Lowe’s Carving Tools (Knife, etc) Spray Bottle Acrylic Paints – $10 Water Imagination Source Read more »

Poor Man’s Yubikey

Pictures of the finished product.

It works and it cost $9. Add in some gently used solder braid and some 5 minute epoxy and you have a $10 password storage key. Source Read more »

DIY Laser for Creative Lighting Applications

Pictures about process of creation of the shows Blaus and Radial. For this we use custom laser projectors using open hardware ( and free software (

During last year, MID and PlayModes worked on the development of a system to control DIY Laser robots. For this application, we developed a new shield that permits it to control Dynamixel servomotors also to work with PWM laser drivers. The shield works using Arduino Ethernet programmed with a specific... Read more »

Cheap Mobile Robot

Courtesy of

I have created a cheap, wheeled robot that can serve as a good platform for more robotic evolution. The project plans are also downloadable. Enjoy! Read more »

Soup Can Herb Garden

Courtesy of

No space for a garden, but love cooking with fresh herbs? Here’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to have fresh herbs in the smallest of spaces. See how Upcycled Stuff turned a few ordinary soup cans into a hanging herb garden. Source Read more »

Use Duct Tape to Open a Tightly Sealed Jar

How to open a jar with duct tape

If you have trouble opening a tightly closed lid and don’t have one of those fancy jar opening tools, you can use duct tape in much the same way. Yeah, using duct tape to un-stick something. But hey, it actually works! My Instructable is here. Read more »

Quanto Dynamic Lamp


Maker Saurabh Vyas came up with this project to create a voice-controlled, Arduino-powered lamp that changes colors on command. Pretty cool for a high school project. Source Read more »

These (Handmade) Booties Were Made for Walkin’

first walker shoes made from recycled materials

How many pairs of shoes does a child grow out of before he or she is fully-grown? I don’t know the number, but I do believe if we were making some of those shoes, the cost of raising a child would plummet (a slight exaggeration) and our children’s feet would... Read more »

Smoothing out 3D Prints with Acetone Vapor

I experimented with Nail Polish remover to create Acetone Vapor to make my 3D prints have a professional finish.

Christopher LoBello saw a Hackaday post on smoothing out the rough edges on 3D prints with acetone vapor and decided to replicate the experiment for himself. For such a low-tech technique, the results were good. Read more »