Making an iPhone-Controlled Arduino Robot


Use your iPhone to control an Arduino robot. Read more »

Arduino-Controlled Outlaw Pinewood Derby Racer

In the Cub Scout outlaw pinewood derby, anything goes as long as the car fits on the track. Frankencar is an Arduino-controlled, 400-Watt torque monster that smokes the competition. It was pieced together using VEX Robotics hardware, an outrunner brushless motor, an Arduino Nano, and various other components. A key... Read more »

Chipper Board: ATtiny Programming Shield

  • By Ben
  • 04/12/2013

As a 17-year-old high school senior, living in Atlanta, GA, I love building electronics projects. A perfect afternoon is one spent with fellow aspiring engineers in our school’s robotics club. Next fall, I am entering Georgia Tech, where I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Robo... Read more »

Snowboard Wheels aim to get Riders Across the Flats for lots of photos

Going downhill on a snowboard is fun. Traversing flat sections not so much. Maker and Google developer Matt Gardner thinks he may have solved that problem with his retractable, motor-driven wheeled device. Read more »

Laser-Cut Cardboard Macbook Air Stand


This project is a remix of Andrew Sleigh’s laser-cut Laptop Stand for Macbook Air. I left out the top plate and replaced it with another crossbar in order to reduce material. Now it fits on a single 384x384mm board and costs only about 9 Euros ($12). I have one in... Read more »

Two-Part Magnetic Stapler

Two Part Magnetic Stapler

This project shows how you can mod a stapler so you can separate the two halves and use magnets to align them on opposite sides of the paper. This lets you get around the normal limitations of only being able to staple 3.5 inches into the paper. [YouTube=””] Instructable here.... Read more »