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Cheap Mobile Robot

Courtesy of

I have created a cheap, wheeled robot that can serve as a good platform for more robotic evolution. The project plans are also downloadable. Enjoy! Read more »

Soup Can Herb Garden

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No space for a garden, but love cooking with fresh herbs? Here’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to have fresh herbs in the smallest of spaces. See how Upcycled Stuff turned a few ordinary soup cans into a hanging herb garden. Source Read more »

Use Duct Tape to Open a Tightly Sealed Jar

How to open a jar with duct tape

If you have trouble opening a tightly closed lid and don’t have one of those fancy jar opening tools, you can use duct tape in much the same way. Yeah, using duct tape to un-stick something. But hey, it actually works! My Instructable is here. Read more »

Quanto Dynamic Lamp

  • By Saurabh Vyas
  • 03/15/2013 @ 2:22 pm
  • Category Uncategorized

Maker Saurabh Vyas came up with this project to create a voice-controlled, Arduino-powered lamp that changes colors on command. Pretty cool for a high school project. Source Read more »

These (Handmade) Booties Were Made for Walkin’

first walker shoes made from recycled materials

How many pairs of shoes does a child grow out of before he or she is fully-grown? I don’t know the number, but I do believe if we were making some of those shoes, the cost of raising a child would plummet (a slight exaggeration) and our children’s feet would... Read more »

Smoothing out 3D Prints with Acetone Vapor

I experimented with Nail Polish remover to create Acetone Vapor to make my 3D prints have a professional finish.

Christopher LoBello saw a Hackaday post on smoothing out the rough edges on 3D prints with acetone vapor and decided to replicate the experiment for himself. For such a low-tech technique, the results were good. Read more »

Easy Coptic Bookbinding Tutorial

Courtesy of

Make yourself a super flexible journal with this easy to follow tutorial, step-by-step. Binding your book with an open spine--a chain stitch or a coptic stitch binding--is a great method when you have book covers that are individual boards instead of completely wrapped around the entire journal. You are basically... Read more »

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