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MilwaukeeMakerspace is Moving

Photos of the new Milwaukee Makerspace building.

MilwaukeeMakerspace has grown from 15 members at our current space to nearly 70, so it’s time to move. We’ll have more than 2 1/2 times more space for making (and for more members!) Source Read more »

First Women’s Hackerspace Launches Kickstarter


Dear MAKE, Six months ago, you helped us announce the first women’s hackerspace, Mothership HackerMoms, on your awesome blog. With your help, we’ve grown, doubled our membership since then and have launched a Kickstarter for equipment, construction, and programs. Recently Boing Boing,, and the Mini Maker Faire in Oakland... Read more »

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance


The population density of San Francisco exceeds 17,000 per square mile. The small peninsula occupies only 46 square miles and is home to many a motorcyclist. Many motorcycle owners in the SF Bay Area don’t have a garage – rents for a motorcycle space in a shared garage can run... Read more »

DIY Fume Extractor


I've spent too much time breathing the stuff that emanates from the tips of soldering irons. After checking out the available fume extractors, I thought I could do better putting something together myself. Read more »

The Undying Desire to Make

Scenes from the robot making workshop by Let's Make Robots at Maker Faire NY.

At Maker Faire NY this past weekend, I was quite inspired by the people who attended the robot making workshops I led for Let's Make Robots. I saw that spark to create light up in both kids and adults. Read more »

The First Mini Maker Faire in Continental Europe


On Saturday October 20th 2012 the first ever Mini Maker Faire of continental Europe will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands. This blogpost explains the why and how. Read more »

Maker Mustaches at World Maker Faire 2012


It seems that a higher than average percentage of makers have mustaches. I thought it only fair that EVERY maker had the opportunity to sport a mustache, regardless of age or gender. To help achieve that goal, I co-created, with the help of Emma D., Age 7, the "Maker Mustache." Read more »

Interview with Open Beam creator Terence Tam


The creator of Open Beam, Terence Tam, successfully funded it with Kickstarter this past summer. After being so happy with the product I contacted Terence for an interview. Read more »

Rotating Shooting Target

  • By Luke
  • Posted 09/06/2012 @ 8:13 pm
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Three spot spinner

My project was to make a steel target for practicing pistol training. It was a real trial and error process for me and might give others an idea from which to start. Source Read more »

The Soda Roller 1000

A simple project, a rubber band-powered vehicle for either a kid’s rainy day project or school experiment. Source Read more »

New York Times Misses Big Picture


The New York Times recently had a scare piece about a new generation of robots come to take our jobs. More agile, more precise, more flexible, more capable… they will deindustrialize America! But I saw this and thought, “when do I get one?” It’s as if these people have never... Read more »