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Infuse foods and drinks with powerful flavor in minutes, using an ordinary cream whipper. Read more »

DJI's latest quadcopter is one of the most impressive flying rigs we've yet to see. Read more »


There is no “Maker in Chief” in the U.S. Constitution, but at least one president, Thomas Jefferson, certainly deserves that title. Read more »

paper embossing 3

Upon a recent trip to my local art supply store, I discovered a new art material to play with–embossing foil. I was hoping to employ the use of my CNC paper cutting machine to help me create some precision impressions using vector designs. Unfortunately, swapping out the cutting blade for an... Read more »

Figure F

Generate enough power to light an LED through the magic of inductive charging. Read more »


Look, ma, no plugs! Make a totally wireless bag to charge your mobile devices, and kiss connectors goodbye. Read more »


Anderson Ta, one of the judges for Make’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing, shares his background in Bio printing. He discusses the difficulties with printing living tissue and recent advancements in that area. Anderson also shares some observations of the printers he saw during the review process.      ... Read more »


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