Make: Inventions | Pin Tumbler Lock

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Most people own at least a handful of locks. But what happens inside of them to keep our things secure? In this episode of Make: Inventions we look at the pin tumbler lock, the most popular and enduring lock design of the last 150 years. Along the way I show... Read more »

Make: Inventions | Building Morse’s First Telegraph

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Sometimes even famous inventors come up with ideas that don't turn out like they expected. Samuel Morse's first telegraph patented in 1840 was much more complex than the simple key that became common. The original device didn't require the sender to know a special code, they simply built messages from... Read more »

MAKE: Inventions | The Airbag

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In this episode of Make: Inventions I do my best to make an airbag system that can detect a crash and deploy safely in 1/20th of a second. It takes sewing, metalworking, woodworking, programing, electronics, and pyrotechnics, some of which I had to learn along the way. And to be... Read more »

Make: Inventions | Can Openers

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The humble can opener might seem like an obvious invention today, but it took 50 years from the tin can's invention to the very first can opener. Before then a hungry person had to use whatever tools were available, from bayonets to rocks. Over the last 150 years there have... Read more »