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Almond Paste Pumpkins

Create edible pumpkin decorations!

Almond Paste Pumpkins

It’s easy and fun to create adorable edible pumpkin decorations in no time. Just use delicious almond paste, or marzipan to sculpt as if you were working with clay. Almond paste is just blanched almonds and sugar, ground into a paste. Marzipan is almond paste, plus flour. Either one will work perfectly for this project. I chose to use almond paste because it tends to have flecks of color in it from the skins of the almonds, while the candy dough of marzipan is more often pure white. I wanted the flecks because I think it lends some extra realism to the final pumpkin. Use the decorations on cakes, or just serve them as their own yummy treats. Once I covered an entire chocolate cake with pumpkins, pears and apples. Make them ahead of any event, and then store in the fridge for up to one week.

For more inspiration, check out the Quick Craft article in Craft Magazine, Vol. 5.

This recipe was originally published on Craft.



Step #1: Color the almond paste.

Almond Paste PumpkinsAlmond Paste PumpkinsAlmond Paste PumpkinsAlmond Paste Pumpkins
  • Add 2 parts red and 3 parts yellow food coloring to the almond paste.
  • Mix it well until you have the perfect shade of orange.

Step #2: Make the general shape.

Almond Paste Pumpkins
  • Roll the orange paste into a ball, and then press the top and bottom to make them flat. A real pumpkin isn’t round, so keep that in mind as you sculpt.
  • Try making a tall and narrow pumpkin too!

Step #3: Make lines in the pumpkin.

Almond Paste Pumpkins
  • Use the toothpicks to press into the sides of the pumpkin.
  • Make the demarcations as realistic as you can; remember, most things in nature are asymmetrical.

Step #4: Give it a stem.

Almond Paste PumpkinsAlmond Paste PumpkinsAlmond Paste Pumpkins
  • Press a whole clove into the top of the pumpkin as the stem.
  • Store the finished pumpkins in the refrigerator for up to one week.