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Arduino Morse-Maker

With this project you can learn the basics of Arduino serial coding, which enables your computer to interact with your Arduino via USB. Plus, you can Morse out a distress signal, which may save you sometime.


Step #1:

Arduino Morse-Maker
  • First, you must gather all of the parts needed. All you need is the following:
  • An Arduino; any type will work.
  • A computer with an Internet connection.
  • Optional: An LED.
  • Basic knowledge of the Arduino is recommended.

Step #2:

Arduino Morse-Maker
  • Next, download the Arduino software. Really easy.
  • Plug in your Arduino and begin coding.

Step #3:

Arduino Morse-Maker
  • Now, to code, go to this link, and I will go through it.
  • Now, the setup, is just that.
  • You see all of the Serial.??? stuff? Well, that is coding up a way to communicate with the computer.
  • and most commonly, you see that it says a bunch of "If" statments, like val == 'a'... Well basically, we are saying, if val = 'a' then do this, which, we blink and led to a certain beat, or morse out a signal. And basically, that's it.

Step #4:

Arduino Morse-Maker

This is optional, but if you want to see a greater light than the one built in on the Arduino board, hook up an LED on pin thirteen.

Step #5:

Arduino Morse-Maker
  • Now, upload the sketch, and go to tools, and serial monitor on the Arduino programming program. Type whatever you want, and it will Morse it out.
  • Note: This will be limited to letters, and nothing else is on there. So adjust it to do that.

Step #6:

Arduino Morse-Maker
  • As you can see, this will get boring, so here is a thing or two you can do to perfect this project or add to it.
  • Add a pot! What if a pot controlled a variable, and that variable was used for timing? Thanks to Ben Hovinga for this idea.
  • What if this controlled more than an LED? Maybe some solenoids? Motors? Or even less casual, a speaker?
  • What if we added a display, and took away the computer part of this project?
  • How about combining it all?
  • These are all different ideas, but there are millions of things you can add. Be creative, and go make something.

  • Wesley La Ferriere

    Okay, So I have thought about it, and the code was sloppy only on c. So drop the, quote,
    “a few of your letters are incorrect.”
    just c, and I have updated and fixed it. I like your pot Idea, and will totally do it.