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Arduino Theremin

A theremin-like device to control the pitch and volume of a musical note. It utilizes a photo-resistor to control the pitch, and an ultrasonic sensor to control a servo controlling a potentiometer controlling the volume.

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  • Category: Arduino, Music
  • Time Required: 45 minutes to 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Step #1:

Arduino Theremin
  • Decide to Tackle this project.
  • If you want to make music, then this project is for you; move on to step 2.

Step #2:

Arduino ThereminArduino ThereminArduino Theremin
  • Solder Wires onto the potentiometer. I used red for the audio voltage in on the left and green for the voltage out in the center.
  • I initially soldered on a black wire on the third pin, but removed it as it was redundant.
  • Hot glue the Dowel onto the servo, centered, and then super glue the sandpaper to the dowel to provide a traction for the rubber band.
  • Find a rubber band, preferably wide, that can be used to transfer the servo motion to the potentiometer.
  • Hot glue the potentiometer in place. Don't be sparing with the hot glue, as it is not terribly strong.
  • Turn both the potentiometer and servo all the way to the left and link them together with the rubber band. I had to use several as the servo shifted while the glue was cooling.

Step #3:

Arduino ThereminArduino ThereminArduino ThereminArduino Theremin
  • Wire that Arduino.
  • Supply +5V to the power rail on the breadboard, and then to each ultrasonic power pin, the servo power pin, and the photo-resistor.
  • Supply GND to the GND rail on the breadboard, and then to each ultrasonic ground pin, the servo ground pin, and the piezo buzzer ground pin.
  • I use analog 0 for the photo-resistor output, digital 10 for the servo, digital 2 for the ultrasonic output, and digital 8 for the ultrasonic input
  • Use a 10k Ohm resistor as a pull-down for the photo-resistor, by connecting it to GND and analog 0, or whatever analog pin you end up connecting the photo-resistor to.

Step #4:

Arduino Theremin
  • Now it is time to code the Arduino.
  • See attached file, theremin.pdf for the code.
  • The volume should increase as your hand is moved closer to the Ultrasonic, so if else happens, simply reverse the mapping of the servo position.
  • Change the code from rad = map(dist, 8, 20, 0, 90); to rad = map(dist, 8, 20, 90, 0);

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