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Assembling The Cricket Loom

The Cricket Loom is a tabletop loom produced by the Schacht Spindle Company.

Assembling The Cricket Loom

Follow these instructions to assemble the Cricket Loom in preparation for a weaving project.



Step #1:

  • Line up the looms sides parallel and with the ratchet dogs on the right and outside the loom.
  • Place the front and back beams between the sides and secure with the 1-1/2" screws.

Step #2:

  • Working from the outside, insert the non-gear ends of the warp and cloth beams through the holes in the right side of theh loom, then into the holes in the left side of the loom.
  • Place a fender washer on each 1" screw and secure the warp and cloth beams on the left side of the loom.
  • Flip the ratchet dogs over so they sit on top of the gears.

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