You want a design on a T-shirt and you want it now! Sometimes the best designs come out of desperation. Here’s how to put a cool design on a T-shirt ASAP!

You will need:

Dark T-shirt
Safety goggles
Spray bottle
Piece of cardboard
Pen or pencil
Spray-adhesive tack (optional)



Step #1: Prepare.

Bleach Shirt Stencil
  • Put on gloves and safety goggles.
  • Mix up a batch of 50/50 bleach to water solution in a spray bottle. Label it, and draw a skull and crossbones on the bottle so nobody mistakenly thinks it contains water.
  • Then put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the bleach doesn’t bleed through.

Step #2: Design.

Bleach Shirt Stencil
  • Draw a stencil design on paper and cut it out. Just remember that it’s going to be a stencil, so it should be designed so it can be filled in with color (or bleach).
  • Bleach can bleed into the shirt, so keep it simple and be bold. When you’re done, place the design on the shirt. I put some spray-adhesive tack on the back of the stencil so it would stick to the shirt a bit.

Step #3: Bleach.

Bleach Shirt Stencil

Set your sprayer to a fine mist and spray the bleach solution over the stencil. Watch the color disappear before your eyes.

Step #4: Rinse.

Bleach Shirt Stencil
  • If you leave the bleach on too long, it’ll make the fabric disintegrate, so when it’s getting close to the right color, dunk the shirt in a sink full of water and rinse until it doesn’t smell like bleach.
  • Dry it out, and you’re good to go — your T-shirt design is done!