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CEB Simple Plates

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CEB Simple Plates

Materials Needed:


  • .25×2 Flat: 12” (1) – Controller Mount
  • .25×3 Flat: 6”(1) Controller Mount Bottom Piece
  • .25×6 Flat: 12” (1) Valve Mount
  • .25×6 Flat: 15” (1) Controller Mount
  • .125x29x13.5 Sheet (1) Dirt Keeper Plate
  • .125x29x17.5 Sheet (1) Brick Holder Plate

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Step #1: Make Brickholder Plate

CEB Simple PlatesCEB Simple PlatesCEB Simple Plates

Punch all holes.

Step #2: Make Dirt-Keeper Plate

CEB Simple Plates

Punch all holes

Step #3: Make Valve Mount

CEB Simple Plates

Punch all holes, or drill if necessary.

Step #4: Make Controller Plate

CEB Simple Plates
  • Find your controller box and locate its mounting holes on the back.
  • Place it on top of the 6x15 plate so it is square and the top hole is about ½” away from the top. Transfer punch the holes on the controller box to the plate.
  • Drill those 1/4" holes.
  • You can drill them a little bigger (up to 5/16") if you'd like, as it's difficult to get the holes perfectly aligned.
  • Punch the holes in the bottom piece.

Step #5:

CEB Simple Plates
  • Weld the bottom piece to the large plate.
  • Make sure it's square
  • Weld the flatbar on the back.
  • Make sure it's square.