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Control your Computer with a Remote Control

This project creates a simple interface than can turn remote control buttons into keyboard strokes on your computer. You can use it to control programs and apps while away from your keyboard.

Control your Computer with a Remote Control

One of the great aspects of the Arduino Leonardo, and the Atmega32u4 at the heart of it, is its ability to act as either a keyboard or mouse.

This way your sketches can send keyboard strokes or mouse movements to your computer, allowing your microcontroller to perform actions on your computer!


Step #1:

  • One of the awesome properties of the Arduino Leonardo, or more specifically the Atmega 32u4 at the heart of it, is the ability to emulate a HID controller.
  • Human Interface Devices are things like computer mice and external keyboards that connect to your computer through its USB ports.
  • This project acts like a custom external keyboard that will send keystrokes to you computer based on input it receives from a remote control.