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Creating HDR Shots

How to create HDR shots using a standard camera and photoshop.

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  • Time Required: 1-4 Hours, depending on how excited you get as you work!
  • Difficulty: Easy
Creating HDR Shots



Step #1:

Creating HDR ShotsCreating HDR ShotsCreating HDR Shots

HDR photos can be incredibly beautiful. First, you want to find a great shot that has a lot of contract - dark shadows and really bright highlights work best.

Step #2:

Creating HDR Shots

You must use a tripod when shooting your series of images to combine into an HDR shot. This is so the photos match perfectly.

Step #3:

Creating HDR Shots
  • Shoot 3 exposures without moving the camera.
  • Make one very overexposed, one normally exposed and one very underexposed.


See how easy it was to create a gorgeous HDR photo? Now get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot!