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Display/Shelf for Make Magazines

As a year-long Make subscriber my collection of all the great Make magazines had to be displayed!This dirt simple and cheap project gives you a display to present your loved magazines in your living room / hackerspace.

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  • Time Required: 5 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
Display/Shelf for Make Magazines



Step #1:

Display/Shelf for Make Magazines
  • Take all your Make magazines.
  • Start with one magazine and see in which direction you can fit in the magazine into the DVD shelf/rack. When you remove both hands the magazine has to stay in the shelf; else try a different orientation.
  • Fill in all the other magazines you proudly own.
  • Finished! Select a good location to show your collection. The best place is a hackerspace or other place where the public can read, enjoy and share the Make magazines!


Sarcasm in this project is used on occasion. :-)