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DIY Carbon Fiber Lens Hood

Add a little "high tech" look to your camera by wrap a lens hood in "Carbon Fiber".

DIY Carbon Fiber Lens Hood



Step #1:

DIY Carbon Fiber Lens Hood
  • Gather your parts and tools.
  • I bought a cheap ($4.00) Lens hood from DealExtreme for this experiment rather than using the expensive one from the manufacturer of my camera.
  • You can get the Carbon Fiber sticker from your local auto parts store if you've got a very deep wallet and/or you are impatient. I got mine from eBay for 1/10th the price and a little wait. These textured stickers come in many colors, I choose basic blank.
  • Pretty much any pair of clean, sharp scissors will work.
  • You want your hobby knife to have a fresh, very sharp blade.

Step #2:

DIY Carbon Fiber Lens Hood
  • Measure the Circumference of the hood.
  • Measure the Length of the hood.
  • Measure the Diameter of the hood, both at the front and at the back.