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Easy Boutonnières

Make a simple boutonnière using a carnation, a leaf from a camellia bush, some floral tape and wire.

Easy Boutonnières

After taking a flower arranging class in college, my wife likes to whip up nice flower arrangements for friends, parties, weddings, and in this case today, funerals too.

A boutonnière is a spray of flowers worn in a buttonhole. For this project, you just need some small flowers, like carnations, and large solid leaves like something from a camellia bush or lemon tree.



Step #1:

Easy BoutonnièresEasy BoutonnièresEasy BoutonnièresEasy Boutonnières
  • Cut the stem off the flower with about an inch of room to spare.
  • Cut a piece of wire about 6 inches long
  • Gather a leaf or other decoration to add to the boutonnière.

Step #2:

Easy BoutonnièresEasy BoutonnièresEasy BoutonnièresEasy Boutonnières
  • Push the wire through the leaf, and then through the thick part of the flower stem.
  • Hook the end of the wire around the flower and the leaf.
  • Wrap it all the way around the flower and stem.

Step #3:

Easy Boutonnières

Wrap the wire all the way down the stem.

Step #4:

Easy BoutonnièresEasy BoutonnièresEasy Boutonnières
  • Start the floral tape around the top of the wire.
  • Wrap the tape down the stem, around the wire.

Step #5:

Easy Boutonnières

When you are finished, use a corsage pin (a pin with a pearl on it), to pin the boutonnière to your jacket, shirt or blouse.

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