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Flash Capacitor

This project will show you how to get a large capacitor out of a camera.

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  • Time Required: 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
Flash Capacitor

If you need a large capacitor, but you don’t want to buy one, grab your old camera and we can get a nice-sized one!

*NOTE: There are loads of other things inside of a camera you can take, including a lens and an LCD display. Don’t toss these parts out!


Step #1:

Flash Capacitor

First, you want to remove all of the screws.

Step #2:

Flash Capacitor
  • Next, you will want to open it up and remove all screws inside.
  • You can see the capacitor inside.

Step #3:

Flash CapacitorFlash CapacitorFlash CapacitorFlash Capacitor
  • Next, you will want to cut the capacitor wires.
  • If your camera was recently used, the capacitor may still be charged. Touch the leads to a piece of metal to discharge it.
  • And then you have your capacitor!


If you have trouble with unscrewing your camera's screws, get a small Phillips-head screwdriver, but these are harder to find in this small size.