Launching jumbo marshmallows sky high is as easy as assembling your own marshmallow cannon. With just a few pieces of PVC pipe and a large bottle, you can make one of your own.

Once you have all your PVC pieces cut to size, fit them together so that they form a rough T shape with your launch tube pointed up at one end and a large mouthed bottle duct tape to the other. Place a marshmallow in the launch tube and jump down on the bottle to watch your marshmallow go.


Stomping on the bottle forces the air (and the marshmallow) out of your launch tube. You can repressurize the bottle for another launch, by blowing into the pipe.

Click here to download the full sized version of the comic which includes all the details to build this fun project.



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  • Wendy Warren

    This was fun, but the marshmallow didn’t fly very far. We cut a little (maybe 8-inch) piece of 1″ PVC from the excess pipe and duct-taped it into the end of the pipe where the marshmallow went, then closed off one end of a TP tube with more duct tape, slipped it over the end of the new pipe, and stomped the bottle. It went flying! Next, the plan is to make more rockets with nose-cones and fins and see if it makes a difference. The six-year-olds had a great time stomping, but their little lungs had a hard time blowing the bottle back up. That fell to me. :-)