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New Project: Juice-Can for Portable Power!

Combine a 5-gallon bucket, a lawn tractor battery, and a small inverter to make a portable power source. 110 volts to go — wherever you go — in a project that can be completed in under an hour.

New Project: Juice-Can for Portable Power!

Have you ever wanted to plug in one of your electronic gizmos in a canyon? Ever wanted to plug in a practice amplifier for your Stratocaster in a park? Sure, portable generators are great, but they are also heavy, loud, and smelly. This simple solution to the portable power problem is easy to assemble and guaranteed to impress your friends when you show up with your accordion and an amplifier and your very own power supply.

  • Roboguy


  • Rufus Wolfenstein

    you didn’t mention that you would have to or how you would recharge that battery…

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    Juice-Can for Portable Power! | MAKE
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    New Project: Juice-Can for Portable Power! | Make:

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