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Micro Foosball Game

Make a pocket-sized foosball game.

Micro Foosball Game

Want to make an even more compact, pocket-size foosball game? Here’s how.



Step #1: Make the paddle arms.

Micro Foosball Game
  • Straighten 4 paper clips and bend them into the shape as shown, being sure to include a “V” near the center to act as a game paddle.
  • Notice the “hook” on alternating ends of each paper clip — this will prevent the paper clip paddles from sliding out of the paper clip guides.
  • Wrap some tape at the non-hook ends of each paddle to act as handle grips for each player.

Step #2: Prepare the box.

Micro Foosball Game
  • Cut off the top flap of the paper clip box, and cut away a square section at each end of the box for the ball to eject.
  • Slide 8 paperclips onto the long sides of the box, 4 per side, evenly spaced.

Step #3: Install the paddle arms.

Micro Foosball Game
  • Slide the 4 paper clip paddle arms into the paper clip guides on each side.
  • Toss the candy ball on the micro game board, and you’re ready to play.

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