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Nook Tablet Android Hack

How to give your Nook tablet/color Android capability without rooting.

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  • Time Required: 15 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
Nook Tablet Android Hack

This guide is for people that wish to have Android on their Nook but don’t want to do any complicated rooting processes. The reason I made this is because I tried to root my Nook tablet with no results at all and it was a waste of time; rooting may work for you but may not. I hope you enjoy the simple project below. :)


Step #1:

Nook Tablet Android HackNook Tablet Android HackNook Tablet Android Hack
  • First, and most important, you must own either a Nook tablet or color with 1.4.0 software.
  • If you have installed 1.4.1 this mod will not work.
  • If you have 1.4.1 go here, download the file and follow the steps.

Step #2:

Nook Tablet Android Hack
  • Now go online and look up "Go Launcher free download" and find a good site. Or you can look for ADW Launcher which is for more advanced users.
  • Make sure when you open it on the Nook to press "Package Installer".
  • If you press "App Installer" then you will need to re-download the launcher.

Step #3:

Nook Tablet Android HackNook Tablet Android HackNook Tablet Android HackNook Tablet Android Hack
  • Now just search your Nook for it and when you find it, press it and it will open and, PRESTO!! your Nook has (limited) Android capabilities!
  • When you want to download an app you must go to the online Android market.
  • Don't keep your wireless on when it sleeps or it'll download the 1.4.1 software and ruin all your hard work. :(


A Nook tablet with limited Android capabilities.