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Primary Arms

Assembling the Primary Arms: the main component for connecting the center column of the CEB Press to its support system.

Primary Arms

The primary arms attach the cylinder/frame assembly to the secondary arms, which support it. They also attach to the Brickholder plate, the Dirt-keeper plate, the Controller Mount, and the Valve Mount.



Step #1:

Primary ArmsPrimary ArmsPrimary ArmsPrimary Arms
  • On one piece, mark holes on the 4" side, all 1.25" away from the edge for:
  • Two total 3/4” diameter holes at 2” and 70.”
  • Six total 13/16” diameter holes at 27", 37", 39 3/4", 48 1/4", 51", and 63 1/2".

Step #2:

Primary Arms

Use this piece to mark the locations on the other side. They are to be mirrored, so make sure they aren't in the same exact orientation.

Step #3: Punch the Holes

Primary Arms
  • Determine which one is arm A and which is arm B by looking at the diagrams. Label them.
  • On arm A, punch the following holes on the 6” side of the angle iron, measured from the left, each centered 1 3/4” from the long edge: Also, torch the hole for adjusting the rollers at 45". Its shape is shown in the diagrams.
  • Five total 13/16” diameter holes at 9”, 13”, 18”, 28”, and 30" inches.
  • Torch the roller adjustor hole in arm B, 45" from the right, so the holes will be at the same frame location.