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Punk Rock Fishing Lure Earrings

People like shiny, colorful things, too!


Step #1: Remove the hook.

Punk Rock Fishing Lure Earrings
  • Carefully cut off the hook at its “eye” with the wire cutters, Watch out for those gnarly, three-pronged trouble hooks!
  • Dump the hook.

Step #2: Assemble.

Punk Rock Fishing Lure EarringsPunk Rock Fishing Lure EarringsPunk Rock Fishing Lure Earrings
  • Using your needlenose pliers, open the loop on the earring post. Slide the loop of the earring through the eye of the fishing lure, and close the loop.
  • Add additional baubles (sinkers, anyone?) to taste.
  • Wow. That was quick. Rinse and repeat.


This project first appeared in CRAFT Volume 03, page 143.