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Sexy Silhoutte Shadow Lamp

Create a wall lamp that looks like a window with the silhouette of someone on the other side.


Step #1:

Sexy Silhoutte Shadow Lamp

First cut out the silhouette of the woman (or man!) in the poster. Trace it on the black cardbard and cut it out. Glue the cardboard silhouette on the backside of the poster cut-out. Now glue the LED strip on the back of the cardboard. Assemble this in the picture frame with some space behind the silhouette so that the LEDs can illuminate the wall and create a soft glow.

Step #2:

Sexy Silhoutte Shadow Lamp

Now install the window blinds at the top of the frame. Hang the frame on the wall you chose and lower the window blinds. Open the blinds a bit to give the effect of a window with a shadow on it. Turn on the LEDs and enjoy your new lamp with the sexy silhouette shadow.

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