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Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray

This guide will provide you with a simple cookie tray for tennis enthusiasts. Detailed instructions will lead the way to having fun in the kitchen.


Step #1:

Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray
  • Take three tennis balls and drill holes 1" apart in a straight line.
  • This will be used to attach the racquet to the balls.

Step #2:

Tennis Racquet Cookie Tray
  • String a piece of wire 2" long through the racquet and into the holes.
  • Use super glue to create and extra bond.

Step #3:

Tennis Racquet Cookie TrayTennis Racquet Cookie TrayTennis Racquet Cookie Tray
  • You started with three tennis balls and an old racquet.
  • Now you have a cool kitchen utensil.
  • You could also cut tennis balls in half and use them to hold candles on top of the raquet.