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New Project: The 1933 FrankenCam

Adapt an antique lens to a modern camera for unique effects.

New Project: The 1933 FrankenCam

I’ve owned this 1933 Ensign Pocket 20 camera for 37 years and not taken one single solitary picture on it. Is it possible I could somehow repurpose it to take digital pictures?

In this guide you will learn how to take an old bellows camera and turn the lens into something you can fit to a modern DSLR camera.

  • Phil South

    Hi Bence,

    well yes, I totally take your point and share your disquiet at resorting to surgery, but I look at it this way, the old girl was just gathering dust, even since I had her. And the pictures I’m making now give me such joy. I don’t see it as a death but a rebirth.

    Currently I’m gearing up to make a movie using the lens. I think being useful and working is much better than languishing in a draw uselessly. And there are plenty more of these cameras out there in the wild in case I should want to own another whole one.

    best regards


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