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New Project: The Stalker 'Bot

Using ultrasonic sensors and an Arduino microcontroller, learn to build a robot that can follow a moving object..or even a person!

New Project: The Stalker 'Bot

Gather the parts and follow the basic instructions and you can have a robot capable of following moving objects! With basic coding experience, you can also change the distance at which the robot senses moving objects or the speed the robot moves.

In order to do this project, a basic robot must be built that runs off of two 3-wire VEX servos. A good robot to build is the VEX Squarebot. Instructions for building this can be downloaded from PDF here or with any VEX robotics kit.

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  1. Natalie Dennis on said:

    where is the files section? i wanna make this for my electronics class.

  2. Charley on said:

    I am actually wondering the same thing as Natalie Dennis. Where are the “files section” files that he mentions? Does this have to do with Make moving to a new web platform for their projects?

  3. Does anyone know if there is a kit that i can buy to make this so that i don’t have to buy the parts from different places?

  4. Vaibhhav on said:

    pdf missing?!?

  5. Tzofi Klinghoffer on said:

    Hi all – I am sorry; apparently their was an error with the files section. I have created a Google Folder that can be accessed that has the code and the project diagram.

    Code & Diagram –

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