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(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch

A simple stereo switch to connect two audio sources to a single-source amplifier. The desired source can then be chosen using the switch.

(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch



Step #1:

(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch(Very) Simple Stereo Audio Switch
  • You have an amplifier with only one input but you have two audio sources. To change the source you need to change the cable at the amplifier which is uncomfortable (e.g. cable not reachable). You can change the source for the amplifier with a simple switch.
  • To switch two stereo sources you need only a 2x2 switch.
  • The connectors you can find in old DVD players, sat-receivers, etc. The switch you can get from different electronic products.
  • My prototype is not perfectly shielded and only a proof-of-concept. But it works very well. The next step would be to integrate the switch in the amplifier housing.

  • Ray J

    thanks for the input, I like your idea as have already scrounged up 2 dozen RCA jacks from curbside TV’s. But not surprisingly, the 2×2 was not in either circuit board. i’ll keep scrounging for the switch.