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New Project: ViBracelet

Build a bracelet that vibrates to alert the user to incoming calls on an iPhone 4S.

New Project: ViBracelet

The goal of this project is to build a vibrating bracelet that alerts the wearer to incoming calls on an iPhone 4S. This device was originally created for a blind and partially hearing-impaired client who could not hear or see her phone ringing and wanted an inconspicuous and wearable device that physically alerted her of incoming calls to her phone.

The bracelet contains a Bluetooth Low Energy module which pairs with the iPhone 4S through a specially designed app/Bluetooth profile. When the app detects an incoming call on the phone, a signal is sent to the Bluetooth which drives a vibration motor wired to the Bluetooth chip. The vibration is felt on the wrist of the wearer.

  • crystalomanl_Oman

    Amazing work and I wish that I can do the same.. I’m still working on how to read ADC using OLP425.


  • Xing

    Is there a way to order just one OLP425 chip? Does this work with iOS 7?

  • Robert Waterfield

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