MintyTime Clock

The MintyTime Clock Kit is a fun way to add a binary clock to almost any container. It’s intended to be housed in a mint tin, such as the classic Altoids tin, but it looks great in almost any container, from a custom-designed, laser-cut enclosure to an old wooden recipe box. Read more »

R/C Superhero

This wild-looking R/C plane is life-sized (78” tall) and can take off vertically! The kit makes a superhero-shaped fuselage; you add R/C gear. Directions are clear, and the laser-cut parts go together smoothly, but it’s a bit tricky — a fun and unique kit for experienced builders that will definitely... Read more »

Electric Plane Launcher

This kit’s great for office warfare but it’s really meant for flight-testing paper airplanes. Two DC motors spin rubber discs in opposite directions to grab your plane and propel it up to 30mph. There’s no soldering, just pre-cut wires and a screw terminal block. Intended for teaching kids ages 14 and... Read more »


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