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sip4 roundup torture solidoodle Solidoodle 2

Torture test print. Click to view large.

LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT RIGHT OFF THE BAT: the Solidoodle 2 is a machine that simply would not have been possible a few short years ago.

In 2009, when MakerBot introduced the Cupcake CNC kit for under $1,000, it was a shot across the bow of the professional 3D printer industry: home 3D printing is here. Here’s another: the Solidoodle 2 costs $499 for the base model, prints better than the Cupcake, and comes completely assembled.

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SIP4 Cover RGB1 Solidoodle 2

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We want to hear from you! Share your experiences with this machine, what you like, what you don't like, where you think our test team got it wrong. We hope you’ll join in the discussion. We’d also love to see the things that you design and print out.

  • Primo Features Heated platform, full enclosure, prints out of the box, low price point
  • Print volume 6″×6″×6″
  • Print speed 50mm/sec
  • Print material ABS, PLA
  • Resolution (z-axis) 0.1mm–0.3mm
  • Machine software Printrun/Pronterface
  • Slicing software Slic3r
  • OS supported Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Open Source Yes
  • Price as tested $699 assembled
  • PedigreeOriginal
  • Print without PC? No

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