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If you want to get into 3D printing but don’t know where to start, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Kit is the way to go. It’s a complete kit, so you need no additional parts, and a large user community can back you up if problems pop up (not to mention Thingiverse, where you can find awesome open source designs). It took me about 20 hours to build the Thing-O-Matic and start printing, and I improved its accuracy with more tuning, calibrating, and tinkering with settings in the ReplicatorG software. If you have any trouble, read the discussion at the bottom of every build step. I’ve since 3D-printed many fun and handy things (everyone loves a 3D-printed gift!) and the MakerBot is now by far the most-used machine at MAKE Labs.

70 Responses to New Review: MakerBot Thing-O-Matic

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  1. hola vivo en Colombia pero mi país es muy pobre en ese campo de la invención y me gustaría saber si tienen la revista en español

  2. Very Cool indeed

  3. Great kit, I will dream with it, as it is almost impossible to bring it to Brazil (would need to pay around 80% in taxes)!

  4. Makerbot Thing-o-Matic takes some tweaking to get good results, but the output is worth the tinkering needed.

  5. cristovao osorio on said:

    this is the 1st step to do incredible things

  6. Tod Tyler on said:

    I have been watching all of the great stuff made by so many people out there. I am looking forward to showing off the stuff I can create with the Maker-Bot. The Maker-Bot is absolutely elegant and beautiful.

  7. so very useful

  8. John McCaffrey on said:

    This would be the ultimate toy, I mean tool.

  9. Paul Carson on said:

    Would love to add this to my workshop in progress

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  11. Can I make Lego blocks with this?
    wonder which is more economical :)

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  13. Jay Roth on said:

    Cool! I’d love to win a Makerbot!!!

  14. First step thing-o-matic, next step Replicator.

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  16. I hope I win!

  17. I want one!

  18. This would be the best gift I could ever get for my hubby .

  19. Ron Lauzon on said:

    Cool Toy!

  20. Scott Pollmann on said:

    A replicator would be great. Star Trek technology is becoming a reality.

  21. Really want this!!!! Could make so much stuff

  22. did I win?

  23. JD Mabry on said:

    Me want!

  24. So many amazing possibilities! I would love to have one of these for my two engineering loving boys!

  25. These 3D printers are so weird and fantastic. I can’t get over them, really.

  26. they just get better and better

  27. Awsome product. MUST HAVE!

  28. Jay Roth on said:

    Gimme gimme gimmie! 3D printing is awesome, and Makerbot is leading the charge!

  29. I’ve used a 3-D printer before (not this one, but one for some school systems). If I could do the things it does at home, I could make a bunch of neat things for my robots and teams.

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  31. I saw a demo at an art show. It would be an interesting thing to have around the house.

  32. Zarfmedia on said:

    What base does it use? Would love to see one up close!

  33. Fascinating…

    Are other printing materials supported, though? What are the options for using different or more readily available plastics, etc.?

    Was directed to this site by the Make kitaday competition…

  34. i’d love to have a makerbot ! 3D printing is the next revolution !

  35. Kevin Quan on said:

    I so want one!

  36. Martin T. on said:

    MakeerBot Thing-O-Matic: it’s not SciFi anymore!

  37. I work in the movie industry and my friends in props would love one of these babies….
    (Wishful Canadian)

  38. It would be so cool to own one of these magnificent machines :-)

  39. Im trying to get together a Prusa Mendel, getting the plastic parts seems to be very hard, with that one, damn, I could print them myself. Also could start to feed the hungry reprap builders here in finland..

  40. That’d be incredible to own

  41. I really want this. A lot.

  42. A designers dream tool.

  43. Brian Duchscherer on said:

    what is the resolution of the machine… how fine can it go?

  44. I’d love one of these for the holidays

  45. nice blue bunny

  46. Gerri Korbel on said:

    This would be a great project to do for the holidays, to print in 3D your pictures of the Xmas tree.

  47. Hilmar Eckhardt on said:

    The makerbot , if what you need isn’t invented, now it will be…please send it to me…

  48. Max Hayden on said:

    This is the ideal machine to make one of a kind objects.

  49. Kris McElligott on said:

    I have always dreamed of having one of these. It would be great to take it into the schools and teach more about engineering to the students.

  50. The whole idea of being able to fabricate things at home or your garage with this is truly amazing. As a traditional model maker as well as a 3D model maker, I always missed actually being able to hold the things I created on the computer. As a conceptualization aide, 3D printers are an incredible asset. I want one :). Can you tell?

  51. Tod Tyler on said:

    Absolutely awesome! I have a huge list of things just waiting to be made.

  52. I want it

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  54. Tod Tyler on said:

    You will be mine….oh yes, you will be mine….come to me Makerbot….I said come to me!!!!!!!

  55. No, it’s mine, mine, mine, all mine, ‘cuz I’m a greedy little duck!

  56. Is this where I enter to win?

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  58. Chad Newhouse on said:

    I’ve been amazed at 3d printing for years, this would be very cool to try out!

  59. Steven Ulbrich on said:

    The idea of 3d printing is completely amazing.

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  61. If only I could make a MakerBot with a MakerBot… then I would rule the world!

  62. Li-Wan Chia on said:

    The first time I saw the MakerBot 3D printer was at the NYC Comicon. It is an awesome machine and inspires creative designs. Hope I can win one.

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  64. how do i win one this could be the answer to all my finantual problems