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Speaker design master Curt Campbell has created several dream kits for the audiophile, including the TriTrix. Featuring two 5.25″ Dayton Audio woofers and a single tweeter in MTM format, the final product has an easy, 8Ω load that can be used for audio or home theater systems. The transmission line kit includes precision-cut MDF for making the cabinets, which came together for me with a little wood glue and some clamps (I used five to make it easy on myself). With instructive online manufacturer videos and priced at only $259/pair, these speakers blow the roof off any competitor.

Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock

Web Developer at MAKE. I’m an Engineer. That means I solve problems.

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7 Responses to New Review: TriTrix MTM Speakers

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  1. I’ve made the vented version (as opposed to the TL version shown)…they sound very, very good for a $200 set of speakers. however, there are other designs available that will easily surpass them ….if you’re willing to spend >5X the money.

  2. Is it possible to use these with a 6Ω receiver? Or will that overpower them?

    • Jerrod on said:

      This is an 8Ω cabinet. Plugging it into your receiver will run your receiver at 8Ω, not 6Ω. Your receiver’s rating of 6Ω is the maximum Ω load it can take, not its constant output. The speaker determines the amount of Ω involved.

  3. The 6 ohm reveiver will work fine.

  4. This isn’t a product review or even an overview. It’s just somebody saying “I bought this”.

    That informs or helps…. No one.