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  • I don’t know which I want to make more: the flower tote, the belt, or the fox slippers! Handmade gifts are the best and that is all that I am giving this year :)

  • Christine B

    Alfred Hitchcock. That has to be the best gift to make for several people I know. And the fox slippers. My dog and I would have a ball playing with them (no tearing up, just lots of chasing. But, Alfred Hitchcock. I may have to make one for myself.

  • Quinn

    I like the tags! I’ve been thinking of trying a freezer-paper project, and this would be just right for a small experiment :)

  • Jen

    Crocheted bangles! I just bought my first tiny-sized crochet hook, and I could surprise everyone on my holiday list with jewelry – I live down South, so as much as I love knitting hats and other wintery items, they don’t really resonate so much.

    I wonder if the pistachio shells could be integrated as well – sort of a nod at the shell jewelry we wore as Gulf Coast kids!

  • I adore the fox slippers. I want to try to adapt them with other animals as well.

  • Alexa Sparklin

    I would love to make the flower tote but the pistchio necklace is awesome!

  • carol lewis

    i am interested in the fabric tags. they look great.

  • That fox slippers looks awesome <3 I'd definitely make this and yoyo neckless!