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Taking Arduino skills to the next level:
These are gifts for intermediate and advanced users to build projects and have fun.

screen shot 2012 11 27 at 3 23 51 pm 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Arduino

Robots are a great way to explore Arduino capabilities and show off skills. These kits
are based on the robots that I built to demonstrate Arduino capabilities at Maker
Faire. There’s a 2WD model ($169.99) and a 4WD version ($194.99) for running over rough ground. Or you can just buy the book, Make an Arduino Powered Robot, $24.99, if you want to build one from scratch.

screen shot 2012 11 27 at 4 05 45 pm 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Arduino

Arcbotics’ Hexy the Hexapod, $250, is a robot kit that is as cute as a six-legged, Arduino-powered open source creature can get.

Michael Margolis

Author of the Arduino Cookbook and Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Arduino


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