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In addition to all those Arduino goodies, I’ve got some tool recommendations. Because you can never have too many.

Good soldering irons are expensive, but this variable temperature soldering station is a great value for the money, $19.99.

I spotted this 26-piece bit driver kit, $19.95, at my first visit to Maker Faire and I couldn’t resist. It’s a quality tool
that I use every day.

A vice is indispensable for holding circuit boards and this Panavice Jr. Model 201, on sale for $25, has grooved jaws and a
tilt/swivel control knob that is just right for small PCBs.

Building circuits without a multimeter is working blind. The RadioShack 29-Range Digital Multmeter, $37.99, is the day-to-day meter that I have used for years.

Michael Margolis

Author of the Arduino Cookbook and Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot


  1. If the Elev-8 quadcopter is too rich for your blood, check out the Holiday 2012 Gift Guide: Aerial Drones for a range of possibilities. http://blog.makezine.com/slideshow/aerial-drone-gift-guide/

    1. Michael Margolis says:

      Thanks Andrew. That budget tricopter looks like bags of fun for those that enjoy building from scratch. The link to the template does not work but the template can be found here: http://rcexplorer.se/projects/2010/03/the-tricopter-v1-and-v1-5/ (note that the tricopter in that link is based on the same template but uses different components).

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Arduino