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Introduction to Arduino for the budding enthusiast:

These are gifts to help people get started with Arduino. Board, book and components, as well as an inquiring mind, are all that’s needed to get going.

The Getting Started with Arduino, $64.99, kit includes the Arduino board and
the basic components to get you started. The Getting Started with Arduino book is sold separately, but is available as a reduced cost add-on for $10.

For people who have some programming experience, the kit along with the PDF version of my comprehensive Arduino Cookbook: Getting Started with Arduino Kit + Arduino Cookbook 2nd Edition, $75, is a great step up. The book explains how to implement over 200 techniques that will help get projects up and running quickly.

Michael Margolis

Author of the Arduino Cookbook and Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot


  1. If the Elev-8 quadcopter is too rich for your blood, check out the Holiday 2012 Gift Guide: Aerial Drones for a range of possibilities. http://blog.makezine.com/slideshow/aerial-drone-gift-guide/

    1. Michael Margolis says:

      Thanks Andrew. That budget tricopter looks like bags of fun for those that enjoy building from scratch. The link to the template does not work but the template can be found here: http://rcexplorer.se/projects/2010/03/the-tricopter-v1-and-v1-5/ (note that the tricopter in that link is based on the same template but uses different components).

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Arduino