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crafty girls talk1 Gift Guide 2012: Crafty Books to Give and Get

For the Crafty Businesswoman
Crafty Girls Talk by Jennifer Forest, $5-$28
This collection of interviews with crafters around the world is a wonderful glimpse into the inner lives of women who create with their hands, whether she leads textile tours, designs textiles or knitwear, or runs her own crafty business. (Full disclosure: I have an interview in the eBook version!) Hearing the stories firsthand of getting started or overcoming various struggles is fascinating and uplifting. Not every story has a picture-perfect ending; some decide to close their businesses, others Crafter and craft-writer Jennifer Forest goes beyond the interview in each chapter by explaining how she first became aware of her subject, muses about some of their answers, and in a way, interviews herself.

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Gift Guide 2012: Crafty Books to Give and Get


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