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Real (Child-Sized) Tools Prices vary

For kids just getting used to tying their own shoes and coloring inside the lines, a set of real tools, made smaller for tiny hands, can be a great way to introduce them to the world of wood construction. If you’re willing to supervise, real tools are superior to plastic safety tools. True, there is real danger. But there’s also real power. “Part of learning how to use tools is to respect that they can hurt you,” someone smart told me recently.

  • Great list! Thanks for sharing. My STEM gift list is smaller, but has some overlap with yours. It’s at http://www.themakermom.com/2012/11/hot-holiday-stem-gifts-for-kids-ps-im.html

  • I have absolutely nothing to add to the list at this time, but I just wanted to say thank you. These are incredibly awesome ‘toys’ and though all my holiday shopping is done, every item here has made my christmas list for my kids next year. (boy 9 girl 5)
    The most I could come up with myself this year were a telescope, carnivorous plant system, triops, k’nex roller coaster, and a robot building kit.
    These are so much more awesome! thank you!!!!